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Degree Plan (all documents in PDF format)


  • All business students must have a completed degree plan in Degree Works under the planner tab and have it vetted by the CBPA Undergraduate Advising Office since 2009.
  • Advisor holds can and will be removed on the basis of a vetted degree plan up to one year prior to graduation or up to 6 years, whichever is sooner, pending an overall and/or CBK GPA are maintained at a 2.3 or higher. 
    • The review process can take a while so starting early is ideal to ensure that a hold is removed prior to registration. 
      • There are occasions where a requested degree plan review might require additional student edits to the plan before the advisor hold can be removed. 
      • Students who have not yet had a vetted degree plan and are trying to have the advisor hold removed as a result of the plan (see below for details) must submit the plan by no later than 5 P.M., Friday, 9 August 2013.
    • Saving a plan in the Degree Works system does not automatically notify the CBPA Undergraduate Advising Office that a plan is in the system.  Students need to use the request form below to notify the office and request the degree plan review. 
      • All email inquiries as to an advisor plan review will be directed to that form.
  • Students with less than a 2.3 overall and/or CBK GPA may still be required to come in for an advising appointment but still need to have a completed degree plan. 
  • Students who have been admitted to the University but have not started taking classes will still be required to come in for advising in their first semester at ODU as a transfer student or first year as a freshman. 
  • The only students who do not have to complete a degree plan are AUG or DEC 2013 graduation candidates, who instead, should be having the departmental graduation paperwork completed instead through the CBPA UGA Office in 1011 Constant Hall. 

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Degree Plan Presentation

Tentative Course Cycle

Form Request for CBPA UGA Staff to Remove Advisor Hold based on Degree Plan Submission

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