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Ph.D. Business Administration

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Ph.D. Business Administration-Information Technology Field of Specialization

 Coordinator : Li Xu  (lxu@odu.edu)  

Core Faculty for Information Technology

The following professors work together to provide the very best educational experiences for Ph.D. students in Information Tech:(See their faculty websites for more information concerning their interests and research.)

  • Ali Ardalan, Ph.D., University of Arizona
  • Lan Cao, Ph.D., Georgia State University
  • Samuel F. Coppage,  Ph.D., New York University
  • Russell Haines, Ph.D., University of Houston
  • Ling Li, Ph.D., Ohio State University
  • Edward Markowski, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
  • G. Steven Rheil, Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado
  • Harris Wu, Ph.D., University of Michigan
  • Li Xu, Ph.D., Portland State University
  • Harry Zhu, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Information Technology Curriculum



BNAL 700 Linear Methods for Business Decisions (1 hr)
BNAL 711 Multivariate Statistical Methods for Business (3 hrs)
BUSN 800 International Business Seminar (3 hrs)
IT 800 Theoretical Foundation in Information Systems Research  (3 hrs)


BNAL 712 Advanced Statistical Models in Business Research (3 hrs)
IT 850 Enterprise Architecture and Computing Algorithms (3 hrs)
MKTG 826 Seminar in International Marketing Strategy (3 hrs)



FIN 862 Seminar in International Finance (3 hrs)
IT 890 Seminar in Business Process and Enterprise Systems (3 hrs)
IT 891 Seminar in Business Intelligence (3 hrs)


IT 892 Seminar in Knowledge Management (3 hrs)
IT 893 Seminar in Supply Chain in E-Business Environment (3 hrs)
IT 895 Selected Topics in Management Information Systems (3 hrs) 
MGMT 821 Seminar in International Management (3 hrs)

Comprehensives I: International Business Comprehensive Examination to be taken at the end of spring semester in the second year of the program, typically in May.

Comprehensives II: IT Comprehensive Examination to be taken at the end of the summer semester in the second year of the program, typically in August.


Work on dissertation research (total of 18 credits of IT 899 required to graduate)