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News and Events

CBPA Dean's Seminar

 Welcome to CBPA Dean's Research Seminar

College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA) Dean's Seminar series is designed to increase the level of research related discourse within the college and foster a culture of scholarship. The Seminar series offers an opportunity for researchers at CBPA and other colleges to present their work to faculty and students.  A number of invited presentations from internationally distinguished speakers from other universities are scheduled every semester. These presentations serve as a forum for exchange of ideas, feedback and foster collaborative research.   Each of these seminars runs for an hour and a half on every other Friday.  Refreshments are served, courtesy of the Dean. Faculty and Graduate students at CBPA and other colleges have been active participants in this seminar.  Constructive criticism and informal discussion have been the hallmark of this presentation series.  

   Dr. Richard P. Bagozzi, University of Michigan (right),  with  Dr. John Ford.  February 3, 2006
   Dr. William Starbuck , NYU, with Dr. Bruce Rubin  .  April 25, 2006
   Dr. William Starbuck , NYU, with Dr. Brian McNatt .  April 25, 2006


Schedule of Presentations

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To signup for any seminar, email Mahesh Gopinath at mgopinat@odu.edu