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Undergraduate Core Courses


MSCM 370:  International Shipping (Fall/Spring - 3 credits)

Examines international freight transportation and terms for movement of international trade.  It discusses processes and concepts involved in international ocean and intermodal transportation.  It explains how shipping companies enter into foreign markets and participate in international trade.  Other topics include operational issues such as:  payment; commercial documents; insurance; customs and clearance; shipping organizations and societies; and shipping law.


MSCM 430:  Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing Management (Spring - 3 credits)

An overview of the strategic sourcing of materials and services in the organization and its role in the supply chain.  Topics include sourcing decisions, price/cost analysis, quality issues, purchasing, supplier selection, legal and ethical issues, third party logistics, freight forwarding, and acquisition of services and capital assets.



MSCM 441:  Supply Chain Management and Logistics (Fall - 3 credits)

Integrates supply chain management activities associated with the flow of materials and information from product start to customers.  Examples include: order processing; warehousing; inventory management; transportation and logistics costs; and information systems supporting these activities.  Particular application is made to global logistics systems supporting port and maritime activities.  Supply chain relationships can be improved through effective integration of management via such technologies as the World Wide Web, electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning.



MSCM 471:  Shipping Management (Spring - 3 credits)

Examines shipping markets; shipping operations; shipping investment; vessel types and capacity; cargoes and cargo handling; shipping costs; freight rates; ship chartering and purchase; management of ship and ship space; insurance and claims; ship flagging; ship regulation; and the dynamics of shipping cycles.



MSCM 472:  Port Management (Fall - 3 credits)

Examines the management of seaports in the movement of cargo throughput.  It presents concepts related to design, organization, administration and operation of ports.  It discusses issues involved in:  planning; investment; communication systems; congestion; pollution; safety; security; intermodal transportation water and land accessibility; port competition; and cooperation to improve customer service.


MSCM 473 > Inland Waterway and Intermodal Transportation

This course is designed to explore and analyze the current condition of inland waterways both throughout the United States and around the globe with an emphasis on the creation of intermodal transportation networks. It will include an overview of existing infrastructure as well as financing mechanisms, national and international competitive strategies, risk management (public safety and emergency preparedness), and the environmental benefits as well as consider current legislation (3 credits).