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Instructions for Getting Started

Why consider this graduate certificate program?

As governmental and not-for-profit budgets continue to tighten, the strategic focus of best-practice procurement and contract management grows. Governments and not-for-profits are looking for individuals who can step into procurement and contract management positions and contribute immediately to stretching dollars, creating efficiencies, and driving innovation.

This program provides students with the knowledge, insights, skills, and abilities that will enable them to add strategic value. It enables managers, administrators, and staff to leverage purchasing and contracting to improve support for business unit, programmatic, and enterprise goals.

Who should seek the certificate?

  • Students interested in pursuing a career in which there are, and will continue to be, many excellent job opportunities.
  • General managers who want to leverage procurement and contract management to achieve their strategic goals and mitigate their risks.
  • Line agency managers and staff who want to understand how best to acquire the goods, services, and construction they need to operate and deliver services.
  • Administrative agency managers and staff who want to work more effectively and efficiently with their colleagues in procurement and contract management.
  • Purchasing managers and staff who want to serve their clients as well as possible and to support achievement of strategic goals.
  • Commercial contract management professionals who are interested in learning more about how their customers think, decide, and act.

How can the certificate be obtained?

  • Students with a minimum of a bachelor'sdegree from an accredited institutionmay pursue the Graduate Certificate or take individual calsses in the program.
  • Individuals interested in pursuing the Graduate Certificate without purusing a master's degree from ODU may do so; they must be admitted to ODU as a non-degree seeking student.
  • Students enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program or the Master of Business Administration program at ODU may choose the certificate as a focus area.
  • Students in any master's degree program at ODU may take individual courses in the program as electives.

Which courses must be completed in order to receive the certificate?

Required Courses (12 credits, earned by taking all of the following courses):

The course prefixes will change in the 4th Summer session from "PADM" to "PPCM".

  • PADM 726: Introduction to Public Procurement
  • PADM 728: Public Sector Contract Planning and Formation
  • PADM 731: Public Sector Procurement Law and Ethics
  • PADM 718: Public Sector Contract Administration

Elective Courses (3 credits, earned by taking one of the following courses)

  • PADM 672: Public Financial Management
  • PADM 704: Methods of Program Evaluation
  • PADM 714: Public-Private Partnerships
  • PADM 719: Leadership
  • PADM 727: Public Procurement & Project Management
  • PADM 734: Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
  • PADM 781: Intergovernmental Management

Textbooks for the Required Courses

PPCM 726

  • Curry, William Sims, 2010. Government Contracting: Promises and Perils. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.
  • Pitzer, Jack T, and Khi V. Thai. 2010. Introduction to Public Procurement, 3rd edition. Herndon, Virginia: The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.
  • McCue, Clifford, and Jack T. Pitzer, 2005. Fundamentals of Leadership and Management in Public Procurement. Herndon, Virginia: The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.

PPCM 728

  • McCue, Clifford P. and Barbara R. Johnson. Strategic Procurement Planning in the Public Sector (2010). Herndon, VA: The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
  • Rumbaugh, Margaret G., Understanding Government Contract Source Selection (2010). Vienna, VA: Management Concepts.

PPCM 731

  • Conway, Danielle, M. 2012.State and Local Government Procurement. Chicago: ABA Section of State and Local Government Law. (ISBN: 978-1-61438-508-0)

  • O'Connor, Terrence. 2007.Understanding Government Contract Law. Vienna, VA: Management Concepts.. (ISBN-10: 1567261876)

  • Maxwell, John C. 2005.Ethics 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know. New York, NY: Center Street/Time Warner Book Group. (ISBN-10: 0446578096)

PPCM 718

  • Davison, William D., CPPO, and Elizabeth Wright, Contract Administration, Latest Edition, (Herndon, Virginia)

Fall 2013

In addition to PADM 726 and PADM 728, we will offer a new undergraduate class, PAS 395 - Purchasing and Contracting for Governments. This class is not part of the certificate program, but provides an excellent background and introduction to the field of public procurement and contract management. Taking this new course will be a good way for certified public procurement and contract management professionals to meet their recertification requirements.

Where can you obtain more information?

Please email PublicProcurement@odu.edu or call 757-683-6049.